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Romeo the Tripawd Pug

The new life of becoming a Tripaw, Due to cancer.

Romeo the Tripawd Pug

The Beginning …

June 16th, 2017 · 3 Comments · Uncategorized

Today I am having my front left leg amputated because of an aggressive cancer called Hemangiopericytoma. I am scared but my Mom and Dad say I will be okay.  They call me SuperPug so today, I will try to be super strong.  I will have to go on a diet which is hard for me but Mom said “We are ALL going on the same diet”. She will help me for sure. I like my doctors and nurses.  Nurse Jeanna is my BFF, she is so nice.  I gotta go for now, headed to surgery.  If anyone reads this and can give ANY advice to Mom and Dad, please do.  I think they are scared too but are being SuperParents when around me.  Thanks for reading, see you soon (in pictures). God Bless each of you, my new Puggy friends!


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  • misterrustybucket

    Romeo the Super Pug and Family,
    Welcome Romeo! I can already tell you are going to do great as a tripawd buddy. Surgery day is tough. My buddy Mister Rusty Bucket had his left rear leg amputated on May 5. When I first saw him after surgery I held him in a blanket and didn’t worry about seeing his incision. I was worried that would be hard to see but when I picked him up and saw his incision it wasn’t bad at all-it was just my guy Rusty! We didn’t get much sleep the first few nights while the anesthesia worked through his system. Lots of whining and wobbling but he was able to eat and go potty and was able to stand much sooner than I expected. We got Rusty an inflatable e-collar but he could still bend around to reach his incision so we put him in some pants. Maybe the collar would work for a front leg amp. Just rest when you can and take things slowly. Those pain meds can do a number on you. On advice from this site Rusty made a switch to Wellness Core Ocean food, takes a joint supplement, K9 Immunity Plus, artemisinin, San shedan and has been doing physical therapy which has helped soooo much. Keep us posted and let us know if you have questions. This community has been invaluable so don’t be afraid to reach out with ANY questions. Someone will know or know where to find out- they are the best.
    Best wishes for a good surgery and Speey recovery. Love, Amy & Rusty

    • romeothepug

      Hi Amy and Rusty,

      Thank you for the post! I’m glad you ssaid what you did about seeing Rusty the first time, it helped me in a way I cannot really explain. But know, it really helped. You were so right, when I saw Romeo for the first time this morning, I saw his sweet face, not the incision. But let me say, the incision is awful. The surgeon had to remove more tissue than he had hoped to be sure he got clean margins.
      With that said, Romeo is home now and his dad and I are struggling to know what he needs. Slowly but surely, we’re figuring it out.
      Will talk soon.

      Romeo’s Mom, Janet

  • jerry

    Hey Romeo! I’m sorry you are having the surgery but really glad you could take time to start a blog on your big day. We look forward to watching you be a PAWESOME SuperPug on three legs…or as we like to say, a TRIPUG!

    You’re in great company here, we’ve had many Tripugs join us through the years. I know you’ll be just as amazing as them.

    My best advice? Be sure to tell your folks to visit our Forums for lots of instant support from the community OK? Also the Tripawds Start Here Page is a good place to learn how to navigate around our town. See:

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