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Romeo the Tripawd Pug

The new life of becoming a Tripaw, Due to cancer.

Romeo the Tripawd Pug

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July 8th, 2017 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

Ok, I am now 3 weeks and 2 days post surgery. I am SOOOO over it. I decided, without Mom or Dad’s permission that I can jump off the couch. I think it upset them cuz now I’m being trained on a ramp. Hmm. It might feel better but I do miss my jumping.

Mom gave me another bath AND trimmed my toenails (so much easier just getting 3 paws done), doctored my incision (which I have a wickedly cool scar, looks like I opened up a can of serious Pug whoop on someone), and then blowed dry my belly with warm air. I am so chilled but wanted to update all my Pawsome peeps.

Mom does have a couple questions she wanted me to throw out there. If anyone can help, much thanks.
? 1: Has anyone experienced separation anxiety in thier pet at this stage. I’m not sure what the problem is, I just love her so much.

? 2: Has anyone else noticed thier Pawsome buddy looking to the non-amputated leg? (In the scenario of a front left removal, looking to the right). Mom is thinking its a balance thing, any opinions?

Ok, more on me. I am hiking my leg more and more but still squat if I have to go a lot. Totally enjoying my evening golf cart rides to see all my friends. I run and play, but still not for very long, I get so hot that I have to take a break….a lot! Last, but not least, I can FINALLY sleep on my left side now. I was beginning to get worried cuz thats the side my Mom sleep on andI have GOT to be able to snuggle up with her, she gets cold without her Bubby next to her.

Mom, Dad and Dr. Wood says I’m ahead of schedule on my recovery. So glad to hear this cuz Mom says I’m gonna get some new “wheels” once I’m all healed up.

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July, I watched Dad play Papa with my little Human peeps and shoot fireworks. They were great and no, I’m not afraid cuz Mom won’t let him buy any that “Boom”. I think she might be afraid of loud noises.

Will hollar again soon,
Stay cool in this heat,
Romeo the Pug

Chillin after my bath


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  • charliebear

    OMD!!!! Adorable!!!! And, yes, sometimes there is a bit of separation anxiety due to being more vulnerable. And, yes, sometimes, when things change, others note the change. Almost always though- after a bit and a bit of acting nonchalant- everything goes back to ” normal” or what we accepted as normal. Being ahead of the curve in recovery is EXCEPTIONAL!!! You go Romeo!!!!! ( Also, if looking at wheels, there are LOTS of resources and posts on this site. Wheels may not necessarily be necessary at this point…) Best wishes, huge hugs, and Pyr Paws all around!!!

  • jerry

    Hey Romeo! I love that photo, you’ve got quite the Tripawd ‘tude in that pic. What a face!

    Ok the separation anxiety…what exactly is going on when that happens? What kind of behavior are you showing? And when do you do it? More info would be helpful. We’ve had other members’ report a bit of that but usually it’s more complicated than something that happened because of the amputation itself.

    As for looking at the other leg….not really sure why that happens. People report it but our own Tripawds have never done it. I’m guessing it’s a random nerve impulse signal from the brain to the missing limb that causes an animal to go “Uh hey, what just happened?”

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